DIY Auto Repair Fail: Save Your Car And Your Pride With These Simple Steps

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The rise of the do-it-yourself movement has turned everyone into sudden auto mechanics and home repair technicians. While the prospect of saving money or showing off your handyman skills is tempting, the sad truth is that fails are more common than one would think. Attempting a DIY project such as painting a room offers little risk should you fail, but your car can easily be destroyed by making a few rookie moves.

30 November 2016

3 Tips For Financing Your First Semi Truck

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Starting your own independent trucking company can be a great way to take control of your career. In order to complete runs for future customers, you will need access to a reliable semi truck. Financing a used semi truck can be an affordable option for drivers who are just striking out on their own. Here are three tips that you can use when financing your first semi truck to ensure you get the best possible deal.

28 November 2016

Several Questions Concerning Auto Body Repairs Addressed

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Vehicle damage is a problem that almost every car owner will have to address at some point or another. While having severe body damage repaired can be an intimidating task, being properly informed about this process can help to make it seem more manageable. For those that are needing to repair body damage for the first time, learning the answers to several of the more frequently asked questions should provide you with a better understanding of what would be expected.

18 November 2016

Diesel Engine Issues 101: Smoke Problems Explained

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If you are going for a motor that will provide you with longevity and power, there is no question that diesel engines are the way to go. With higher horsepower capabilities, higher fuel efficiency ratings, and an overall higher performance rating, a vehicle with a diesel engine is a logical choice for drivers who want a little more. Even though your vehicle with a diesel engine is bound to be a satisfying choice, after many years of use, you may occasionally start to see signs of problems.

15 February 2016

Safety Tips For Proper Trailer Hitching

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One of the biggest mistakes both newcomers and experienced towers to trailering make is not properly connecting the trailer to the towing vehicle. Not taking the time to ensure there is a good hitch can have disastrous results. The process may seem tedious and laborious, but it is crucial to ensure everything is installed properly so that you do not lose your trailer or cause a major accident while traveling down the highway.

15 February 2016

3 Questions To Ask When Looking At Used Cars

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Many people struggle to determine whether they should purchase a new vehicle or a used one. They often aren't aware of some of the different options available to them. This is especially true for those who are worried about having to pay cash for their next ride. To help you understand the full scope of purchasing a used vehicle and how simple it really is, here are three questions to ask a used car dealer today.

6 January 2016

Easy Care Tips For Your Windshield This Winter


Winter is here! It's at this time of the year that windshields can become high-maintenance and difficult to keep clear. Knowing a few easy steps to keep your windshield clear can help you avoid accidents and may prevent you from spending hours outside scraping off snow. Use a Windshield Cover Many people consider cleaning off their windshield to be an unavoidable part of driving in winter, but you can avoid this task by protecting your windshield with a cover.

19 December 2015