Easy Care Tips For Your Windshield This Winter


Winter is here! It's at this time of the year that windshields can become high-maintenance and difficult to keep clear. Knowing a few easy steps to keep your windshield clear can help you avoid accidents and may prevent you from spending hours outside scraping off snow. Use a Windshield Cover Many people consider cleaning off their windshield to be an unavoidable part of driving in winter, but you can avoid this task by protecting your windshield with a cover.

19 December 2015

Going With The Flow: Spotting Water Pump And Coolant Flow Issues

Automotive Blog

Even the most thorough of automotive maintenance schedules cannot protect your car from the potential for a damaged, worn or malfunctioning water pump. As with any other mechanical component in your car, general wear and tear can lead to failure. Since any malfunction in the cooling system can lead to an overheating engine and the risk of complete engine failure, it's important that you know how to spot signs of trouble.

3 December 2015

Get It Fixed Or Get Used To It? What To Do With Cosmetic Dents In Your Truck

Automotive Blog

If your truck is showing some cosmetic wear and tear in the form of dents, you may be wondering whether it is worth getting them repaired. The answer can be different for each situation, but this article was written to give you a few simple guidelines to help you decide which answer works best for your truck. Keep reading to learn when to get it fixed and when to get used to it.

21 May 2015

Reducing Costs And Staying On The Road - Deciding To Repair Or Replace Auto Parts


American culture has long been focused on the freedom and opportunity that is provided by the open road, but car ownership is not exclusively benefits and excitement. The task of maintaining your car can require you to be a minor expert in a wide variety of maintenance tasks, and collecting all the information you need can be daunting. If you've recently undergone an auto accident or you have body damage for any other reason, it's important that you seek out the most cost effective repair possible.

22 January 2015