Car Owners: It is Important To Rotate Your Tires Regularly

After I bought my first car, I have to admit that I never knew the importance of tire rotation. I learned my lesson the hard way when the tread of my front tires wore down very quickly, while my back tires were still in great shape. I thought that the traction of the back two would make up for the front two. I learned I was very wrong one day when I slammed on my breaks while driving in the rain. I rear-ended the vehicle in front of me. Thankfully, no one was injured. However, I learned that if I had rotated my tires regularly, I could have avoided that accident. I know there are many new car owners who don't know much about cars, which have since became a passion of mine, so I decided to create a blog to share all my tips to help others!

Child Driving Home From College? Make Sure They Check These 3 Things On Their Car

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If your child is driving home from college for their winter vacation, they need to check some things on their car before they leave. This is especially true if they are driving a long distance and if the temperatures outside are very cold. Below are three of these things so you child can get home to you without any car problems.

Check the Tires

Ask your child to check their tires before they leave. If the tires have not been rotated in some time, now is a good time to do it. Rotating tires will help them last longer because this provides them with an even tread. The car manual should tell how frequently your child should have the tires rotated.

The treads should be checked, especially if the tires are old. If there is hardly any tread at all, they should get new tires before they leave. Your child's car will not hold up well on the snow and ice if they have no tread.

Change Oil

If your child has not had the oil changed in their car for some time, they should do this to prevent damage to the engine. Oil travels throughout the engine and keeps the many components lubricated.

When a car is being driven, the engine generates heat. The oil draws this heat away from the engine to prevent the engine from overheating.  

Over time, not changing the oil in a car will cause engine problems, and in some cases the engine would have to be replaced.

Check the Battery

The battery on your child's car should be checked to ensure it is strong. Your child can take their car to an auto parts store or a mechanic to make sure it is good and charged.

The battery terminals should also be clean. If they are not, water and baking soda can get them clean. Put some warm water in a bowl and add a few teaspoons of baking soda. Dip a cloth into the water and wipe the terminals clean. If the terminals will not get clean, there is a battery terminal cleaner that your child can purchase from an auto parts store. If the terminals are dirty, they cannot make a good connection with the battery, which may cause the battery to die.

Ask your child to take their car to a location like PDR Automotive Inc if it is old to have a complete inspection done.


1 December 2016